On the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE) and Ministry of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) Policy Graduate Programme or Internship, you'll be tackling real life problems and make a lasting difference in the life of New Zealanders.

Policy professionals provide the evidence and information Ministers need to make informed decisions on public policy issues. It's exciting and challenging work that could see you looking at how we can make New Zealand businesses more internationally competitive, making sure all regions benefit from tourism or protecting people from loan sharks.

At HUD, you could help tackle interesting and complex problems like housing supply and affordability, homelessness, and the challenge of creating a housing and urban development system that supports all New Zealanders.

Join our highly sought after programme to kick-start your career in the best possible way. The programme is a 16 month-long development and training programme that builds the skills and knowledge necessary to step into a career in policy. From week one you'll get stuck into real, meaningful work - researching topical issues, analysing key trends and helping us deliver new projects and programmes.

We value our people and reflect the communities we serve. We want people to bring their unique identity into the way they work. We invite diversity, and harness our differences to "Grow New Zealand for all". Our staff-led networks include;

  • Ngai Kahukura - Rainbow Network

  • Te Aka Matua - Māori Staff Network Forum

  • Te Aumangea - Mental Health Network

  • Women in Leadership

A range of exciting opportunities are waiting for you at MBIE and HUD.

Applications will open early March 2021

What we are looking for

We are looking for grads and interns who have genuine interest working in policy and/or government, and making a difference for all New Zealanders.

  • Skilled writers who write clearly, accurately, and logically
  • Critical thinkers who use well-reasoned logic to solve problems
  • Evidence gatherers who research, identify, and make use of relevant information
  • Nimble learners who are flexible and responsive to change
  • Supportive team players who build partnerships and work collaboratively
  • Persuaders and influencers who gain the trust and support of others
  • Purpose-driven actioners who take on new opportunities and tough challenges
  • Decision-makers who make sound decisions, even in the absence of complete information.

Minimum requirements

To be eligible for the Graduate Programme you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You can have no more than 1 year post-graduation full-time work experience
  • You must have graduated, or will finish your study, before February 2021.
  • You must have achieved at least a B average (please use the Victoria University GPA calculator to calculate your GPA).
  • You must have the ability to legally live and work in New Zealand.
  • You must pass all our employment vetting and approval standards.

To be eligible for the Summer Policy Internship you will need to meet the following criteria:

  • You must be currently studying for a Bachelor’s degree or higher qualification, and continuing your study in 2021.
  • You must have achieved at least a B average (Please confirm your GPA using the Victoria university GPA calculator).
  • You must be eligible to live and work in New Zealand.
  • You must pass all other employment vetting and approval standards we require.

Applications will open early March 2021

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